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Say No to Plastic

We are supporting various topics at Teddies such as the "Say No to Plastic" in Faversham campaign. We have pledged to give up using single use plastic where possible and have a long term desire to protect the environment by thinking of ways in which we can stop using various plastics in our everyday lives.


We hope to encourage the children in our care to think about all the plastic that is in use in various different forms like, packaging in their lunch boxes, using plastic straws, recycling plastic and encouraging the children to make non-plastic choices.  

We have set-up a mini Recycling scenario so that the children will be able to post plastic and cardboard items into two different boxes to encourage positive attitudes to the recycling processes. 


We hope that our parents will also encourage their children to think about plastic alternatives in their home lives so that we can all make a difference to this global problem.


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